Survivor 21.13 "Not Sure Where I Stand" Recap

 Survivor 21.13 Not Sure Where I Stand Recap

This week's episode begins with Jeff summing up how Sash's position in the game has changed so dramatically with Kelly and NaOnka quitting last week.  Libertad returns to camp on the night of Day 28.  Holly thinks the double-quitting is "Unbelieveable."  There are only eleven days left, and they quit.  Benry notices that they haven't named the remaining chicken yet, and suggests that they name it "Kelly-Nay" because Kelly and NaOnka are chicken.  Sash confesses that he was the only one who didn't benefit from the girls quitting.  He's stuck in the middle between two alliances: Chase, Jane and Holly vs. Fabio, Benry and Dan.  He still has the Hidden Immunity Idol, so the odds remain in his favor, but the game has become a whole lot more difficult.

The next morning, Sash tells Chase, Benry and Fabio that he is going to play the HII at the next Tribal Council to make him less of a threat, and become a "free agent."  That way he can hear the two alliances' pitches, and choose what's best for him.  Sash confides that he knows he will be Number Four in whatever alliance he chooses, but he has to make some sort of move.  Sash next talks to Chase,  who tells Sash that his best bet is siding with Holly, Jane and him.  Sash agrees, and follows up by noting that Chase will definitely lose to Jane in the Final Three.  Chase then tells Sash that Holly deserves to go on the next Reward after sacrificing her last reward for the tribe, but that Sash is locked in for Reward after her.  The two shake on it before heading out to...

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