Stargate Universe 2.10 "Resurgence" Review

 Stargate Universe 2.10 Resurgence ReviewAfter multiple viewings of last week's Stargate Universe, I still feel a bit... disappointed.

Don't get me wrong. The space battle with the new alien enemies was pretty epic and the return of Lou Diamond Phillips's Col. Telford was far overdue. But unfortunately in the end, I was left with a bitter, bland taste in my mouth when the credits rolled. What just happened?

By looking at the pace and overall threat in "Resurgence", the episode didn't really feel like a midseason cliffhanger to me, but rather a two parter of which should've occurred earlier in the season. For instance in "The Greater Good" and "Malice", the first two parter of this season, the stakes were raised, people died, and the revelation of the bridge could've been a quintessential way to leave fans hanging and speculating for the next few months. The end of "Resurgence" didn't do that for me. Instead, I'm just simply waiting for SGU to return with new episodes without having the need to speculate on what's going to happen next.

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