'Survivor' recap: Man in the Middle

This latest episode of Survivor was like one big game of chicken. And I'm not referring to the actual chicken that was devoured this evening for dinner (we'll get to her in a minute), but rather the game of chicken. You know the deal, right? First person who loses their courage loses the game. My favorite game of chicken took place in the 1984 hit Footloose. Dancing fool Kevin Bacon was challenged to a game of chicken on tractors -- possibly the stupidest version of chicken I have ever seen in my life. The things were moving slower than Dan in a challenge, yet the bad guy blinked and jumped off like a fraidy cat. He lost.

Tonight's episode was just like that -- minus the awesome Kenny Loggins soundtrack. On one side you had an alliance of Fabio, Benry, and Dan. On the other you had Holly, Jane, and Chase. In the middle you had the suddenly powerful swing vote of Sash. Both sides made plays for his allegiance, but neither was entirely sure they had it. Who would blink? The answer was Benry, who immediately sold out Fabio in an effort to stay in the game. By so willingly agreeing to slit his best buddy's throat, Benry made Sash's choice easy for which side to align with, and once he did so, they all voted off Benry instead. You blink, you lose. Chicken.

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