'Cougar Town' recap: Fixing a Hole

Welcome back to (All I Want For Christmas is a New Title) Cougar Town! In "The Same Old You," the Drink Tank Think Tank (or what Kirsten/Girlfriend called the Purple Tooth Crew) put all of the spare time they spend not working and not talking about work (ha! fourth wall: shattered) to good use by fixing up Bobby's houseboat. So what if it sank into the marina, leaving a thin film of cheese dust and dog hair in its wake? It's the thought, and mailing address, that counts. As Jules has been saying for at least a week now: "To get ahead, get a home." (Worst slogan ever!)

I loved the sense of the Jules-Bobby relationship, past and present, we got in this episode. There was the sappy, content-based stuff, like their heart-to-hearts about his increased confidence and general self-improvement. But they're also just so visually cute together, if not as a viable couple then as truly good friends. How sweet was it that he bothered to repeat "I'm a lucky duck, baby," after hearing that she'd kept fondly thinking back to when he said it years ago? Also great: their high-energy bear hug after Bobby sank the put in the PGA golf qualifier Jules had encouraged him to enter. And I always love when we get goofy glimpses of why these two would have been so compatible -- like when Jules openly admitted to the group, "To be honest with you, I don't even get what puns are." That's So Bobby!

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