'16 and Pregnant' recap: A Couple to Root For

Is it safe to go hunting while pregnant? Those camouflage pants may not have come with an elastic waistband, but this week's mom-to-be was not going to let her pregnancy stop her from living her 17-year-old life. A self-described Southern belle, Kayla was both girly and fearless, a pageant queen and a huntress. She seemed to have it all, so why should a having baby stop her?

Despite living in a conservative, traditional environment in small town Alabama (boyfriend J.R. complained people were gawking at a visibly pregnant Kayla, his mom didn't want them to live together until they were married, and pageant committees wouldn't let Kayla compete once she had a baby), Kayla's parents were some of the most supportive yet. Listening to them describe their responses to learning their daughter was pregnant ("I stayed strong in front of you...whenever you were gone I would cry," said mom Bev) was particularly moving, as was Kayla admitting she feared they would think less of her because of her predicament. Bev and Donald were both sympathetic and realistic with Kayla; pregnant at 17 is not ideal, but it doesn't mean she's no longer their daughter. They were most worried about her finishing school, and the hardships she'll have to endure taking on the responsibilities of motherhood at such a young age. "The hurt I felt is because of all the things you’re going to have to go through here on out," Bev said.

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