PSYCH “We’d Like to Thank the Academy” Review

 Psych Season 5 Episode 13 - We'd Like to Thank the Academy

Uh oh, Shawn and Gus are in trouble again. I know, big surprise, right? Well this time they’re naughty enough to get themselves sent to the police academy to learn basic police procedure. There they meet up with their instructor Nick (played by Ralph Macchio) and I know it’s been said many times before but da-amn, it’s amazing how young that guy still looks. He looks like he’s in his 30?s so I figured he was probably around 40, but I was wrong, he’s actually 49. Wow.

Now that Shawn and Juliette are an item, it appears she’s starting to worry about his safety a little bit more than she used to. It’s very sweet and I really like how they are still being very subtle with their relationship on the show. I think if all of a sudden it had turned into the Shawn and Juliette Show, it wouldn’t feel like Psych. Having her worry about him a little, plus the little bit with the jacket at the end was enough to show us they’re still together without making it all about them.

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