Bones Advance Review: The Brennan Epsiode & Mid-Season Finale

 Bones Advance Review: The Brennan Epsiode & Mid Season FinaleWe’ve seen serious Bones episodes before. Episodes about relationships and life or death situations. But we’ve seen really seen an episode quote so Serious (with a capital S!) as tonight’s Brennan-centric episode, which also serves as the mid-season finale.

The team finds the remains of a brilliant surgeon, who’s been missing for months now. Brennan immediately identifies too strongly with the victim, who happens to share many characteristics with her: high IQ, very dedicated to her work, unmarried, and refusing the advances of a man who clearly loves her. She also happens to have an identical dolphin ring. This causes Brennan to see her own face in the victim’s photograph, and hear her own voice on the victim’s recorded notes about patients. She even starts "talking" to the victim in hopes of mulling through her own thoughts and working through the crime. That’s when it’s creepy. In many respects, this is the only part of the episode that kind of bothered me, because I understand the reasoning for it, but I also kept thinking "does she have some sort of a tumor like Booth did when he was hallucinating things?"

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