'Cougar Town' Moment: Ellie and Grayson Exchange Dirt on Each Other (VIDEO)

Ellie digs up dirt on Grayson in 'Cougar Town' on ABC

Like it's lead-in, 'Modern Family', 'Cougar Town' decided to dispense with the usual Christmas-themed episode in favor of one that had much more meaning within the context of the series. We had some interesting moments in the Laurie/Travis friendship, and a really heartwarming story about Bobby's evolution since the series began. Brian Van Holt played that story very well, physically showing how much Bobby's changed in the last year and a half. If it took the sinking of the Jealous Much? to accomplish that, then so be it.

But what intrigued me the most was the slime war between Grayson and Ellie. We know that Ellie is capable of almost pure evil, but I never thought Grayson could be equally sneaky, unfeeling, and nefarious.

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