'Friday Night Lights' Season 5, Episode 6 Recap

julie_tami_friday_night_lights_nbcAs the season progresses on 'Friday Night Lights,' we've been concentrating on some stories while others have seemed to vanish in the Texas heat. (Remember Epic?) 

Has that resulted in an up and down set of episodes? Yes, but when 'FNL' is good, it's very good. This was one of the 'very good.' 

Turmoil is filling the Taylor household and there seems to be no easy resolution to the problems they're facing. And while Coach (Kyle Chandler) is struggling to deal with his family issues, so is Vince (Michael B. Jordan) when a nemesis from the past returned to threaten his future. 

When Julie (Aimee Teegarden) came home from college after that soap opera moment with Derek's (Gil McKinney) wife last episode, you would have thought that she was definitely going to ask Tami ((Connie Britton) -- more than Eric -- to make it all better. That's what mommies do. 

But no, that's not what Julie was thinking. Julie lied to her family by initially concealing why she returned, and then piled on the lie by crashing her car to avoid returning to college. Home was a place to hide. Her conscious decision to destroy her car was unworthy of Julie Taylor.

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