'Modern Family' Season 2, Episode 10 Recap

Phil goes postal with cologne in 'Modern Family' - 'Dance Dance Revelation' on ABCTwo weeks after giving us a non-Thanksgiving episode before Thanksgiving, 'Modern Family' decided to eschew the obligatory Christmas episode, as well (Yes, it's two-plus weeks before Christmas, but most shows are showing their holiday eps now ... this is the last new ep of 'Family' for 2010). Unlike last time, when the episode was a bit of a mish-mosh, this one felt like it returned to the classic formula that has made this show be so consistent over the last season and a half: big laughs, great acting, and believable emotional payoffs. It's almost like the anti-'Glee,' isn't it?

If I had a nitpick, though, it would be that I wish that Cam and Mitch weren't always so separate from the other two families. There had to be a good way to integrate them into this week's school dance plot, don't you think? Cam could go shopping and give clothing tips. Mitch could have chaperoned. Not that the notion of how they dealt with Lily's biting habit wasn't funny -- it had a number of funny moments -- but last year, the two of them really shone when they were interacting with the rest of the family ... especially the crusty Jay (anyone remember last season's moon landing?).

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