SANCTUARY “Vigilante” Review

Sanctuary Season 3 Episode 9 - Vigilante

As I predicted, the Sanctuary team is continuing on its quest to find the underground city. I wasn’t sure how this plot would hold up, but so far I am enjoying it. The last couple of episodes have been so full of information and drama, at times it is hard to keep up.

At Tesla’s suggestion last week, Will steps in as head of Sanctuary while Magnus is physically ill and on a mission to find the items necessary to make the map to the underground city work. Of course, Magnus isn’t necessarily a fan of the plan as it involves utilizing Worth whom she doesn’t trust. However, whenever an opportunity to reconnect with her father is involved, it seems Magnus is willing take more chances than usual. Also, the hope of finding a cure for her ailing condition from time travelling with Worth is probably also incentive. Is it just me, or is there a high level of flirting between Magnus and almost every other man (Tesla, John, even Worth)?

Left in charge, Will finds that things aren’t as easy as he would have thought. Isn’t that always the case? Nothing is ever as easy as it looks and I am sure Magnus makes everything look effortless. Magnus is right, though. Will did do a good job. He managed the daily paperwork, found the missing aggressive abnormal beetles, stabilized the situation and even cured Henry from his beetle bite. Talk about a long day!

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