SMALLVILLE “Icarus” Review

Smallville Season 10 Episode 11 - Icarus

It is a huge episode for Lois and Clark, their fans, and the legacy of Superman. It is also one of the sweetest moments in Smallville‘s history, and probably my favorite part of the episode. Yes, that’s right, it has happened with almost zero delay and false starts which has usually marred the big reveals of Smallville: Clark finally asked Lois to marry him.

Of course the first person to notice Lois’ engagement ring was Kat: "Oh my God. Are you expecting?" It is moments like these that make me realize that I love Kat. Well, or so I thought. When Lois reversed her entire view on the world where vigilantes/superheroes are concerned, I have to admit that I was quite disappointed. Kat had that sort of Professor Umbridge-like quality that made her so delightfully despicable. The idea that she would turn on her beliefs with just a few words from Lois seemed rather unlikely.

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