Big Brother 12 Season 12 Episode 6 "Veto" Review

Well tonight the pressure was on both Monet and Brittenay as both nominees tried hard to win the Power of Veto to save themselves from elimination. The challenge was simple, be the first one to drop your briefcase closest to one hour without going over. And everyone went over except for Brittenay.

Monet and Brittenay schemed and approached Rachael to put up Andrew as the replacement nominee. These two mean girls are out for revenge and Rachael should have no trust in them what so ever. But after seeing pathetic tears all night I was about to say goodbye to this episode.

Matt offered to be a pawn, pretty gutsy. But he thought it would help him gain trust with Brendon and Rachael, except it only set up red flags. In the end Rachael put up Matt as a replacement and announcing that he was put up only to be a pawn so Monet would go home. But she only did this because her man Brendon put his foot down with her after she suggested placing Andrew on the block. Guess Brendon has got himself some balls.

Who will go home? That's easy Monet, but I guess you just never know.


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