LEVERAGE “The Ho Ho Ho Job” Review

Leverage Season 3 Episode 14 - The Ho Ho Ho Job

Santa’s in trouble, but when Nate and the gang help him, they find that’s only the tip of the iceberg in the "The Ho Ho Ho Job" episode of LEVERAGE. I had the chance to watch the episode early, and it’s fast-paced, funny, and filled with holiday cheer.

It’s almost Christmas and Parker is filled with cheer while an unhappy Nate just wants to be left alone. When Frank the mall Santa comes to Nate for help because the mall manager fired him and some other veteran Santas, he reluctantly agrees despite the team`s agreement to take a break from each other. How can you say no to Santa? The result is a fun, twisty episode with as many holiday-related lines and sight gags as could possibly fit. The episode’s tone is lighter than air with the cast obviously having a blast with the material, but it’s also intricately plotted with intriguing cons and a great pay-off.

It’s great to have Wil Wheaton back as Chaos, whom we last saw in "The Two Live Crew Job," playing Grinch and tormenting Hardison. It’s always a treat to see Dave Foley on television, and he’s deliciously dry as the greedy mall manager Sophie is charged with babysitting. The team also steps into some memorable characters of their own. Eliot as Santa–need I say more?

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