THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “By the Light of the Moon” Review

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 11 - By the Light of the Moon

I don’t get it. How can The Vampire Diaries put so much into 45 minutes and not have plotlines that feel incomplete? It’s pretty amazing, especially during episodes like this week’s. We had Tywolf transforming for the first time, Witchy B getting Luka’s (Luca’s?) help de-spelling the moonstone, Damon and Alaric feeling out a new werewolf in town, and Elena making a deal with Elijah. That’s a lot of storyline, people. Let’s hit it up in turn.

Tywolf, man. This transformation comes second to George in Being Human (the UK version, natch), only because I think the director and SFX guys (shout out to them – excellent work) on this episode might have based Tywolf’s transformation on George’s. There was something about it that just looked a bit too familiar – but then how many ways can you transform a human into a wolf? Not many. Either way, this was brillliantly done.

While I adored Kickass Caroline this week (like I have every week since she got vamped up and awesome), the character of the episode was definitely Tyler. Scenes involving panic and pain (not to mention one’s body ripping itself apart) can walk a fine line between horrific and hilarious. Done right, the audience feels for you; done wrong and they’re laughing at your schlocky acting. I often laugh at actors on The CW, a network that doesn’t mind casting weak actors with pretty faces, but this episode shows Michael Trevino has genuine talent. I hope we get to see much more of Tyler over the rest of the season. Maybe he can be inducted into the Scrappy Gang?

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Dec 24, 2010 6:08AM EST

i love this and i hope for more tyler wolf thing and caroiine vamp it up more and stefan and damon eve the deal with eliijah was bralint wonder about claus how he loks like and will happen next humm intersting vd rocksssss

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