THE GOOD GUYS “Partners” Review

The Good Guys Season 1 Episode 20 - Partners

Former partners return, loyalties are tested, and we finally get to see some of the Savage and Stark movie in the "Partners" season (possibly series) finale episode of THE GOOD GUYS.

"To partners old and new." I’ll drink to that. I’m thrilled Gary Cole is back as Frank Savage and what a gift for fans to show some of the magic that is the Savage and Stark movie. At an Eighties’ Oddities festival, no less. Yes, it’s a bit heartbreaking, but Frank and Dan will always rise above and their "By any means necessary" lab destruction at the end is a terrific bookend to their partnership.

I know Chris Klein is supposed to be irritating since he’s playing a dirty cop and all, but that accent grates. I’m not sure I could have stood hearing "Bailes" one more time. Jack pounding on him while yelling "They made you Deputy Chief" and then "My name is Jack–not Bailes" is one of my favorite scenes of the series, especially "Just to be clear, he’s not qualified to be Deputy Chief" and that one last kick. Jack has grown so, so much.

Wow, am I fickle. I’m now more than a little in love with the idea of Jack and Samantha and I’m ridiculously disappointed the show didn’t go there sooner. Don’t get me wrong–I love Liz and I like Liz and Jack, but the romantic chemistry tonight is all Jack and Samantha. "I promise not to kiss you." So adorable.

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