BLEEP MY DAD SAYS “You Can’t Handle The Truce” Review

$#*! My Dad Says Season 1 Episode 11 - You Can't Handle the Truce

In "You Can’t Handle the Truce," BLEEP MY DAD SAYS turns to the feuding neighbor theme, with mixed results.

Charles Robinson (Mac from Night Court in the ’80s) made for a good foil against William Shatner’s Ed, playing an equally cantankerous next door neighbor, Mr. Campbell. The feud over property lines came off silly, but you’ll see this sort of thing in "real life," just not take to this extreme (I think). There were some mildly amusing lines, but nothing much hoo-hah until near the end. The verbal ping-pong between Henry as the peacemaker, Ed and Campbell worked pretty well.

I liked the music reference lines: Henry telling his dad "give peace and chance" and Ed calling him "Yoko." And then, when Henry finds out Campbell had the bike he’d thought he’d lost years ago as kid, Ed tells him "Off the Peace Train, Cat?" Still the Cat Stevens reference may have been lost on anyone, under, say 35?

The funniest bit, a visual gag, came after Campbell’s been spooked by Henry, breaking into his shed in the middle of the night and he has a heart attack (revived by Ed giving mouth-to-mouth, though we didn’t have to see that, thank you). After he’s been taken by the ambulance, the two older men, happy to be at war again, Ed tells Henry, "Let’s water the Koi pond" and proceeds to unzip his pants, fade to black. That was pretty funny.

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