Intervention Season 9 Episode 3 "Miriam" Review

Well tonight's Intervention show was one that had results that ended on a positive note. In many cases on this show we see at the ending credits that a lot of the addicts that even agreed to seek treatment fall off the ladder again. That is what makes this show that much better, they give you the scope about whether or not they got better or not.

But tonight the focus was on a mother named Miriam. Who also is an addict to Angel Dust. She isn't one of the crazier ones we have seen. The drug definately has a negative effect on her and we got a good taste of how she behaves while on it. The sad part, he has a daughter that this is effecting. She had a rough upbringing including molestation leading her towards the drug.

But in the end when the family intervened her and begged her to take treatment she did not put up a fight at all. She gladly accepted the treatment and has been clean since March 2010. So like I said a positive ending so far. It is nice to see both on this show.


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