BONES “The Doctor in the Photo” Review

Bones Season 6 Episode 9 - The Doctor in the Photo

In this episode Bones has to solve her own murder. Okay, not exactly, but that’s how it starts to feel after a while. Everything about the victim adds up to someone who had a life just like her own – no husband or kids, worked long hours, brilliant doctor. She even had a man in her life, one that she worked with professionally and wanted more from her but she didn’t want to give.

I gotta say that this was so not your typical episode of Bones – from the missing lightheartedness to no one understanding what was going on with Brennan and why she was suddenly doing things she didn’t normally do, to the ending where she poured out her heart to Booth and basically asked him to give up Hannah. The thing is, that wasn’t even the part that blew my mind. Bones making a decision like that – backed by pure logic – would make sense and I could see her having that conversation with him. The part that really got to me was the fact that she let her emotions lead her there and instead of coldly laying out facts as to why they might belong together (which I’d totally expect from her), she did it with her soul laid bare and when he said no (which of course I knew he would), she burst into tears. That’s not something we’ve seen from her very often and the very rawness of it made me cry right along with her.

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