NIKITA “All the Way” Review

Nikita Season 1 Episode 11 - 	 All the Way

Crazy good! How far are Nikita and Alex willing to go? Like the episode title, the answer is "All the Way", of course. Alex receives her kill, or be killed, assignment. But after Birkhoff discovers Nikita’s shell program, the mission to kill a crime syndicate leader additionally becomes a mission to catch Nikita, who is on-site to help Alex. Thom ends up killing the target. And Nikita gets Alex out of a jam, only to have to intentionally be caught by Division.

I had images of The Incredible Hulk running through my mind as I watched NIKITA tonight, culminating in the scene where Nikita yanks the chains like loose threads, in order to get away. Her buff physique is worthy of jealousy. Amanda the Inquisitor is her usual warm and charming self, but definitely not at her most tortuous. She really should not have shown the video of Daniel. The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets. Where does Amanda run off to?

The big shocker of the episode is the accidental manner in which Thom covers for Alex, keeping her mole status safe for the moment and allowing her to graduate as field agent. And not a moment too soon with the "hairline fracture" tightly sealed up now. Ironically, Jaden also plays a hand in this since she gave the fingerprint evidence to Thom. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled about that. Sadly with Thom dead, Alex doesn’t have any friends at Division. Though I guess he wouldn’t have stayed her friend, if he had lived. Despite the bravado, Alex is still a scared kid inside. This is made very clear in the scenes juxtaposing past and present. (The transitions between the two are much smoother in tonight’s Nikita compared to past episodes.) Alex seems to be surviving on her need for revenge and Nikita’s confidence in her. Because Nikita trusts Alex to get her out of Division, Alex pulls it together to get the job done. When Nikita definitively tells Alex "you’ll get me out", you could practically see Alex thinking that it would have been easier to have just killed the target. Her lack of experience is a good contrast to Nikita’s training and know-how.

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