FRINGE “Marionette” Review

Fringe Season 3 Episode 9 - Marionette

After the last two episodes full of action and suspense, you’d think the FRINGE folks would take it easy this week and maybe do a holiday episode (perhaps Walter helps Santa deliver presents?). But you don’t want that, this is a JJ Abrams show, we want crazy messed up Sci-Fi for the holidays.

It looks like this we are done universe skipping for now, but that doesn’t mean the Fringe team isn’t investigating the weird and unexplained. This week Fringe looks into who is pulling the strings behind a heartless crime, and Peter is trying to figure out what to do now that Olivia is back in the right universe.

What Happens in "Marionette"

The episode starts with a man being kidnapped, except the kidnapper takes his heart and calls 911. When the paramedics arrive they find the body on the operating table that looks dead, until it wakes up and asks for help before dying! The Fringe team comes in to investigate; with Walter discovering that the body isn’t as dead as it should (the body is not decomposing). Peter finds medications belonging to the body, which lead him and Olivia to learn from a doctor that the victim was a heart transplant patient. Which makes everyone wonder, who wants a heart that bad?

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