COUGAR TOWN “The Same Old You” Review

Cougar Town Season 2 Episode 10 - The Same Old You

This week’s episode of COUGAR TOWN finds Jules trying to pump up Bobby’s confidence, Ellie trying to find dirt on Grayson, Grayson trying to find dirt on Ellie, and Travis’ girlfriend getting jealous over his relationship with Laurie.

The writers have been hinting at a growing relationship between Laurie and Travis for a while now. It is about time they brought it somewhat to a head. Personally, I think they would make an interesting couple, the airhead and the nerd. It would also be fun to watch Jules dealing with it as Laurie brought up. I am not sure, however, how old Laurie is supposed to be? Even if Travis is in college, he is still only 18 or 19, right? The age gap might be a bit creepy. It was good of Laurie to pretend that Travis told her to take a hike to make Kirsten feel better. Is it bad that I want to walk around saying "LAUGH" now?

Another thing I liked about this week’s episode was the opportunity to see Bobby excel at something. Jules is right, he does need his confidence back. We also need it back since we never really got to see it. I love that he can be so good at something and still be the guy with cheese popcorn dust all over his face and hands. He is one of my favorite characters!

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