Dexter Episode Recap: "The Big One" Season 5, Episode 12

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In the fifth-season finale, Dexter sets out to find where Jordan and Lumen are without getting caught in a trap. Deb's feelings get in the way of the Barrel Girls investigation; and Quinn finds himself in need of help, and Dexter my be the only one who can provide it.

This week's finale starts with Dexter packing up his knives and heading out to find Jordan and Lumen — with little to go on. But as soon as he opens the door, Astor, Cody, Harrison and the whole family surprise him since he couldn't make it to Orlando for the birthday party. And if that wasn't enough, Astor and Cody drop another bombshell on him — they want to spend the summer with him. Dex rushes out of there  and gives Jordan a call. He tries to make a deal with him, but Jordan says he wants nothing but to kill Lumen.

At the station, Dexter grabs the file of Jordan's real estate holdings while talking to Deb about the case. Dex can't find a secluded place where Jordan would have Lumen, but Harry helps his son out by telling him to check out where Jordan is from — before he was Jordan Chase, that is. Of course, things get even more complicated when, Laguerta announces Liddy was found dead and puts Dexter on to analyze the blood. Quinn knows something is very wrong here — and that Dexter most likely has something to do with it.

They arrive at the scene of Liddy's murder, and Quinn is struggling about what to say to Deb. Laguerta pulls him aside about the recent calls they found between him and Liddy, but Quinn doesn't say anything. They both look down and see the blood on his shoe, and Quinn says he won't talk until he has a lawyer. Uh-oh. His name is on all the surveillance equipment found in Liddy's van, too. This will be a tough one to talk his way out of. Quinn refuses to answer questions at the station, and he won't even tell Deb what he knows about her brother. Wow. He has really changed from the beginning of the season.

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