Survivor: Nicaragua: "Not Sure Where I Stand" Season 21, Episode 12

Now that this season's most disgraceful players have quit the game, it's time for the final seven castaways to shift their strategizing into high gear and secure themselves a shot at that million dollar grand prize. Two clear-cut alliances have formed: Dan, Benry and Fabio (all Marty's leftover allies) and Chase, Jane and Holly. Sash is suddenly the wild card and swing vote, but his indecision and generally untrustworthy personality makes it hard for either alliance to commit to him. Sash even admits to Fabio, Benry and Chase that he is going to play his hidden immunity idol at the next Tribal Council to clear the air and not be seen as a threat. Sash also strikes a deal with Chase that if he wins the next reward challenge, he will take both Holly and Sash along with him.

What did you think about last night's episode? Who do you think has the worst strategy in the game: Sash or Chase?

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