THE SIMPSONS “Donnie Fatso” Review

The Simpsons Season 22 Episode 9 - Donnie Fatso

Instead of the standard Christmas episode (well, like last week) The Simpsons have gone on to an atypical New Year’s Day episode. This is a pretty good idea: the hangovers and mess and regrets would have made a funny twenty minutes. Unfortunately it steered away from that and went into a mediocre mafia plot.

Homer is fined over $1000 before the morning is out. He is then sentanced to 10 years in jail. In exchange for getting out early, he agrees to go undercover as a gangster in Fat Tony’s gang.

Unfortunately Jon Hamm’s FBI supervisor was not the greatest character. Fat Tony usually makes just small appearances and spouts off the odd one-liner. There is probably a reason for this.

Not even Homer’s awesome Grease hairdo could salvage this episode. Nicholas Bluepants is a pretty bad undercover name, and the itchy necks moment could have done without.

Fat Tony died. Homer cried, with fire on his hair. It’s hard to feel sad about a character who overstayed his welcome by appearing for more than five minutes on screen.

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