DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES “Down The Block There’s A Riot” Review

Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 10 - Down the Block There's a Riot

Desperate Housewives leaves us for Christmas with quite a bang. Several storylines come together which make for a memorable episode.

Gabby, distraught after Grace has left her, goes to Lynette for advice about dealing with the pain. Lynette gives her the advice her therapist gave her: write a letter to Grace, pouring her heart out. Gabby does so, but unfortunately Juanita finds the letter.

Meanwhile Susan confronts Tom about the fling he and Renee had together. I usually find any story revolving around Susan to be the least interesting, but this season, with the exception of this episode, Bree usually takes the cake. I like Brian Austin Green and he is doing a very good job with Keith, but the whole storyline had gone on far too long. When they break up after she refuses to wear the engagement ring, Keith’s father Richard arrives.

Lynette starts organizing a protest against the halfway house for crooks which Paul, after tricking Lee into selling his home, has set up. The protest, with the aid of the tough guys, turns into a riot.

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