'The Amazing Race' recap: Hollywood Ending

Niceness is extremely underrated. Sadly, in our debased modern age, the word "nice" has come to indicate blandly inoffensive normality. (Saying that someone is "nice" is sort of like saying, "Well, they breathe. Oh! And they have opposable thumbs.") But "nice" doesn't have to equal "boring." Sometimes, it's actually pretty cool to be the person who always says "Please" and "Thank you," the person who can maintain a healthy and happy perspective on life even in the midst of extreme tension. It's easy (and fun, and fashionable) to be a douchebag, but it takes real inner strength to be a nice person. Especially because nice people almost always finish last.

But not today, viewers! All hail Nat and Kat, the sweet-tempered pair 'o docs who cheerfully grinned their way across the world and were rewarded for their labor with a cool million dollars. As reality show personalities, they had less zazz than their competitors, but I can't be the only person who watched their happy victory hugs and thought to myself, "Wow, those people seem really, really cool." Aren't doctors supposed to be all tense and prone to emotional breakdowns? Has Grey's Anatomybeen lying to us? (And don't say that anesthesiologists aren't real doctors: Have you been to med school?)

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