'Dexter' recap: Justice For All

We always knew that Jordan Chase was going to come to an end this season -- big baddies always do -- but the anticipation of his demise didn't make it any easier to say goodbye to such a fascinating and terrifying character. Of course, if we're being completely honest, Dextercreates and develops villains better than most -- if not all -- shows on TV. Period.

I wish I could laud Dexter's literal partner in crime Lumen in a similar manner. But, what can I say, she never quite grew on me. (I invite you to respectfully disagree.) So when she left Dexter in this week's finale episode, I cried not. Especially since she left on her own accord. That's right, she wasn't murdered, she didn't commit suicide, nothing. She just...left, and we're left to wonder how her leaving Dexter -- for now anyway -- and his loss of Rita last year will affect Dexter's ability to open himself up in the coming season. Two lost loves in a row (and yes, I would call them both love -- even if they were on two different levels) would no doubt leave any man scarred. And Dexter is not "any man," he's a man that has trouble forming connection at the deepest level. Maybe that will help him get over it quicker. Or maybe he will give up trying to be human at all. Who knows!?

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