'Desperate Housewives' recap: Disaster Zone

Desperate Housewives just loves a Disaster Episode, doesn’t it? See: Last December’s plane crash, November 2008’s club fire, December 2007’s tornado, and so on. Actually, the Desperate Housewives Disaster Episode has become an annual event for the series, akin to, say, The Simpsons’ famous Treehouse of Horror specials or the annual Thanksgiving half-hours Friends used to put together every year. And truly, the variety of an annual event episode says a lot about a series. Yellow animated characters have spooky times and terminally ’90s New Yorkers have turkey and wine, while Wisteria Lane's suburban residents get real big tragedies. Go figure!

As you might have guessed from that intro, last night was Desperate Housewives’ annual terror-on-Wisteria Lane episode, which was aptly titled "Down the Block There’s a Riot." If you haven’t watched yet and don’t want rather shocking things ruined for you, please read no further. We’re delving into spoilers here, fans! Really, quite a lot that’s rather important did happen in the packed-to-the-gills hour, which saw the street spiral into a riot at the hands of Paul Young. In fact, it was the kind of fast-paced, slightly unpredictable hour that used to be central to Desperate Housewives, but now seems to only happen once in a while. Anyway, I’m basically saying: It was a good hour of television! Yay!

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