'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' recap: Poker Faces

Bravo really needs to do Taylor a solid and stop directly cutting from scenes of Kyle and Mauricio's enviable partnership to the fun snatch that is her grim union with Russell. As the thick-haired (in some places, at least) brunette wonders biked the hills of Napa, Mauricio never leaving his wheezing wife's side, telling her this was the happiest day of his life, Taylor and Russell endured a much more exhausting car ride together. Many of you have inexplicably declared yourself Team Russell, giving the guy points for once trying to make Kennedy a microwave dinner. I don't buy it: That guy's got Texas jerky for a heart. Loosen up dude! Laugh a little, find Snoball a sneeze-free home, eat an enchilada and don't worry when the sour cream glops down on your trusted black shirt.

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