Intervention Season 9 Episode 4 "Andrew" Review

Well this particular episode of Intervention would have to be one of my favorite storeies I have seen all season and possibly one of my favorite's ever on this show. The story is about a teen named Andrew that is so deep into the addiction of Oxycotin, there is wonder whether or not he will live to see his twenties.

But the part that was most gut wrenching and heartbreaking was the effect his addiction was having on his father and his brothers. The father is a lower income working man that is trying to support these three boys but keeps giving money to feed Andrew's addiction. He will literally have $45 left to his name and will give it to Andrew rather then putting food in the cupboards.

His two other sons are literally starving to death and the father doesn't think he can give up on his son. The episode was emotional, shocking and makes you realize the problems in our society as well as the problems and enabler can have on a person addicted. If you are a fan of this show, you will want to watch the story of "Andrew".


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