Dexter: "The Big One" Review

Some people might have been expecting another "big ending moment" from Dexter this year considering the giant, harrowing twist/visual we were left with last year. But really, looking back, most Dexter seasons have ended softly while book-ending a somewhat self-contained season. The "dream" parade from Season 1. The wedding in Season 3. Both of them also followed an intense, nail-biter of a scene involving Deb almost catching Dexter doing something incriminating. Of course, this year was probably THE biggest close call ever, but it makes me think that because Deb got so scarily close to catching Dexter here in "The Big One," they might not be able to really ever have her catch Dexter in the act. I mean, she got soooo close. We may just have to find out one day, seasons from now, that Deb has managed to eliminate her "blind spot" when it comes to Dexter and has pieced together everything about his butchering. Oh, and that she's "okay" with it all. 

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Aug 19, 2012 9:54AM EDT

Lets home that when the series ends they bring back lumen for Dexter.

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