Nikita: "All The Way" Review

It's evident that Nikita likes to move its stories along quickly, but the events in this episode came even sooner than I expected, culminating in Alex being assigned to a "kill job" that would elevate her from recruit to field agent. Nikita can never be accused of stalling, particularly in this installment when there were three episodes worth of "Whoa!" moments packed into one.

I'd argue that "All the Way" could've easily been the season finale with so many important questions being answered and loopholes closed, but we're only halfway there. (Of course, it also took them eleven episodes to get Maggie Q and Lyndsy Fonseca together for a scene in the present tense, but who's counting?) It's a testament to the quality of the show that so much has already happened and yet by the end credits, the audience understood just how much work Nikita and Alex still have left to do.

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