No Ordinary Family: "No Ordinary Sidekick" Review

"No Ordinary Sidekick" is a packed episode filled with plenty of exciting content for all four family members and their sidekicks. With this being the last episode until next year, we even get a thrilling cliffhanger to keep us talking. I'm surprised how much of gotten into this show over the past couple of weeks. The first few episodes were really hit or miss but the last couple of weeks have done a great job of developing the over-arcing plot while still delivering good individual stories.

After last week's great villain, the bad guy(s) of the week are a throwaway group of thieves who are attempting rob a money train. They aren't the primary focus as the real story is built around Jim and George's friendship issues. However, there is a really good scene with Jim stopping a train with brute strength. Just like last week's fireball man, this train scene caught me off guard. I'm not saying the effects are perfect or even great, but it's effective. I'm glad there willing to put together scenes, which truly show of Jim's strength. It's for more effective than simply having a few bullets bounce of his chest every week.

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