How I Met Your Mother: "The Mermaid Theory" Review

I can't decide if How I Met Your Mother's collection of theories, rules and codes are getting out of hand or not. From "The Bro Code," "The Naked Man," Lily's "Where's the Poop?" and many, many more, this series is loaded with cutely named life lessons. Are there too many? Has the fact that there's so many ruined the joke? It's possible we're getting to that point, but not just yet. HIMYM is still using the conceit in ways that are playful and fun. "The Mermaid Theory" was another such example.

The theory explains that no matter how unattractive a man finds a woman today, there will eventually be a time when she becomes attractive to him. Like a manatee beginning to look like a mermaid to the lonely pirates of yore. This theory came into play in several different ways in Monday night's episode. First there was Marshall and Robin's night out alone. This was a pairing we rarely see on the show, and the jokes came from that fact. The two only share three topics of conversation: cold weather, sports, and cold weather sports. The early parts of their night out were comically uncomfortable. Once the Mermaid Theory was introduced, the storyline took a silly turn, placing Robin inside a large, cumbersome manatee costume. I'll admit, the visual made me chuckle.

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