MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE “Same as the Old Boss” Review

Men of a Certain Age Season 2 Episode 2 - Same as the Old Boss

Owen’s work problems spread to his home life while Joe struggles to make time for golf and Terry learns the perils of You Tube in the "Same as the Old Boss" episode of Men of a Certain Age. I was lucky enough to preview this solid outing and I’m very happy with how the new season is shaping up so far.

While the season premiere did an excellent job re-introducing the three guys, this episode starts folding back in the other characters. We spend time in Joe’s Party Depot (I missed that in the premiere) and Joe’s son Albert has a significant storyline, as does Owen’s wife Melissa.

Owen is learning over and over again that running a car dealership isn’t as easy as it looks, and when he takes some of his frustration out on Melissa, he inadvertently causes himself a new potential complication. Owen and Melissa’s marriage feels so real to me–the dialogue is true and the problems are relatable, while their love shines through. They have a sweet, easy chemistry together, and I’m thrilled that we also get to see some of Melissa’s daily life away from Owen.

It’s great to see Terry really trying at Thoreau Motors, and I’m glad it isn’t coming completely easily for him. His subplot is the comic relief tonight, filled with funny moments, but there’s still plenty of emotional depth beneath the humor as Terry must deal with the teasing of his co-workers.

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