Mike & Molly Episode Recap: "First Christmas" Season 1, Episode 12

Mike & Molly Season 1 Episode 12 - First Christmas

Ah. Shopping for the holidays. Sometimes it's a joy and sometimes it's pure torture. It's Mike and Molly's first Christmas, and there's pressure. Mostly it's Carl putting pressure on Mike, who is totally clueless. Molly, on the other hand, has picked out the perfect gift for Mike. She knows he'll like it — because she listens and pays attention when he talks. Mike, on the other hand is bouncing one bad idea after another off Carl. It's then we realize Carl has a foot fetish. He's been paying an alarming amount of attention to Molly's dainty, perfect little feet.

Later, as Mike is checking out her closet, he tries to ask some subtle questions about what Molly might want. Molly sees right through his ruse and fears she'll be getting a very lame gift for Christmas. At the store "Pantyclaus," Carl tries to convince Mike that Molly wants some lingerie. Nana tracks them down and gives him some very sage advice: Listen and Molly will tell him what she wants. She even demonstrates. Carl knows Nana doesn't want a wig tree for Christmas after that.

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