Dexter 5.12 "The Big One" Review

 Dexter 5.12 The Big One Review"You think you know someone and then it turns out you don't." - Deb

Deb's (Jennifer Carpenter) sentiments to Dexter (Michael C. Hall) midway through this season's finale not only served as the perfect harbinger of what must surely come between the two siblings in the future, but also as a  synopsis of the whole of Season 5.  Just when I thought I really got to know Dexter after last year's epic season, it turns out I may have idealized my favorite serial killer a bit too much.  Like Lumen (Julia Stiles), my dark passenger seems to have suddenly taken a backseat.

It often felt at times this year that I wasn't even watching the same show.  Subplots seemed to disappear in thin air.  Character motivations seemed iffy at best.  And there was a tangible lack of chemistry throughout that was hard to put a finger on.  Willing to reserve final judgement into the finale, The Big One only confirmed the season's worst's traits, leaving me much like Dexter at the end of the episode: rather dead inside.

Perhaps this was the night's biggest flaw.  All that growth, all that change and atonement tossed away in a single, final line.  It's a shame...and a mistake.  Asking us to continue on this seesaw of  possible change all season (every season) without giving us any kind of emotional payoff is like sex without the orgasm: sure it feels great while you're in the middle of it but by the end you're so frustrated you could just kill someone (or so I've heard).  Dexter deserves better.  We do too.

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