The Real Housewives of Atlanta 3.11 "Contract Player" Review

 The Real Housewives of Atlanta 3.11 Contract Player ReviewNow we have a new entry in pop culture canon courtesy of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. What would that entry be, you ask?

The friend contract. An invention that goes right up there with Scary Island and Danielle Staub as some of the most eye raising entities to every come out of the Real Housewivesfranchise.

Now, in Cynthia's defense, she did this as a joke, but I guess the extremes of the situation with Peter and NeNe probably made it seem a bit more than that, sending the contract up to Scrutiny City in the process. The gesture was pure, but the outcome was a complete disaster.

However, I was damn proud of Cynthia for standing up to Peter about NeNe, because there was clearly an issue he had with Mrs. Leakes and I still think it has something to do with NeNe and Gregg's personal issues. Another reason Cynthia's 'ultimatum' with Peter resounded with me is because it harkened back to Cynthia's words about never letting a man dictate her every move after watching her mother's tumultuous relationships with men. She really channeled that sentiment and made sure Peter got the message as well.

As for the friend contract, while a bit odd, I kind of wished NeNe hadn't of mentioned it to Kim, who is already skeptical about both of the new girls as it is.

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