The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 1.08 " Charity Cases" Review

 The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 1.08  Charity Cases ReviewWell, sorry for the late review. Blame DirecTV?

Anyway, last week's installment of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was pretty much a set up episode for this week's upcoming dinner battle with drama as its main course.


As a super volunteer for the 1736 Family Crisis Center, Taylor was asked to share her own personal experiences with domestic violence growing up at a charity event for the center. While that is a lot of drama to choke up in front of a lot of strangers, she managed to do it with gusto and a few tears along the way. The only problem was, I don't think too many people at the event were paying attention to her past plight other than Adrienne, Paul, and Russell. It would be a shame if Taylor went through all those emotions for an ungrateful crowd who didn't know how to shut up and listen to her spill her heart out. Or maybe they felt as if they had shelled enough money for the event to do whatever the hell they wanted. Who knows? Maybe, I'm overanalyzing that scene, but something that serious should've had a completely silent room at full attention to Taylor's words.

Earlier in the episode, Adrienne invited Taylor to train with her kickboxing instructor. When Taylor's turn came up, she let out some serious heat, prompting everyone to wonder who the hell she was thinking about while throwing those punches. Maybe it was her past experiences as a kid with domestic violence? Or how about Russell? The latter might be the best bet at the moment.


Still stuck on the battle with Kyle (seriously, it's been almost five episodes later), Camille announces to her friends that she wants to smooth things over with the other women. D.D., Camille's lap dog of friend, thinks this is a dumb idea, but Nick, Camille's boy toy 'friend', feels as if it's the most logical thing to do, because the entire feud is past old right now.

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