Smallville 10.11 "Icarus" Review

 Smallville 10.11 Icarus Review

The last episode of Smallville dealt with a parallel Earth. In the process, they confirmed that a Multiverse existed within the Smallville universe. Within this episode, we witness mankind indulged in behaviour you'd expect from a DC level 'crisis' crossover. Throwing in the emergence of an alternate Lionel Luthor to Earth-1, and I get the impression that Smallville is gearing up for a 'First Crisis' to shake up the status quo.

Which works for me, even if it'll set off the 'NO RETCONS' brigade. It's a staple of comic-books that, every now and then, you twist reality a tad. And the general panic on the streets does seem similar to the Apocalyptic and nightmarish images prevalent in 'Final Crisis' (fantastic, it somewhat incomprehensible, Grant Morrison comic-book.)

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