Hell's Kitchen Season 7 Episode 5 "12 Chef's Compete" Review

Well tonight we were very lucky to experience not one but a two hour episode of Hell's Kitchen. Meaning we say goodbye to two chef's, leaving only 10 in the competition when the night is over. And this review is for the first half of this show, which was quite entertaining but I for one enjoyed the second half much more.

The task at the beginning of the show was great because we got to see two guest judges. Reappearing for a second time this season, Ramsay's wife and for the first time this season, his own mother! Fran surprised me tonight because for the past little while I have been on her side, feeling for her, but she does have some ruthless qualities about her, putting herself first. She is a definate Pit Bull.

But the Chef being sent home two chef's tonight, Maria because truthfully she was just too annoying to stay and Mr. Cocky Scott who thought he was the best chef on the team and decided that he is going to pick up smoking because all the cool kids are doing it. For Goodness sake this boy had to go. And Gordon gave the best ending to his show yet, Your Life on Hell's Kitchen - Is Dead".


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