It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 6.12 "Dee Gives Birth" Review

 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia 6.12 Dee Gives Birth ReviewSunny did it. They actually did it. They finally made an episode that can actually give "Sweet Dee is Dating a Retarded Person" a run for its money.

"Dee Gives Birth," the penultimate episode of season six, has Dennis looking after Dee in the hospital as she goes into labor and the rest of the gang rounding up all of Dee's former lovers (read: sexual partner) to try to figure out who knocked her up.

When I say all of Dee's former "lovers," I mean all of them. There's Bill Ponderosa, Ben the soldier, Rex the billboard model, Lil' Kev (the aforementioned potential retarded person), Rickety Cricket and even the gross, greasy Korean cook from Mr. Kim's. Duncan, Frank's buddy from under the bridge, and his friend (Chad Coleman from The Wire) also attended to provide music (such as "Informer" by Canadian rapper Snow) and musings on jean shorts.

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