'Top Chef All-Stars' Recap: Judges Fiercer than a T-Rex

'Top Chef All-Stars' Recap: Judges Fiercer than a T-Rex

There are 17 chefs left standing as we head into the second week of Top Chef All-Stars, but soon one of the cheftestants will be as gone as the dinosaurs.

We begin tonight's episode with the cheftestants filing into the Top Chef kitchen, only to face... Joe Jonas? Of course. Joe looks awkward. It would appear that only Spike and Antonia have any clue who this guy is. 

It turns out that this week's Quickfire Challenge is to make a midnight snack for a passel of kids at the American Museum of Natural History's "Night at the Museum" (in which not one diorama comes to life). The goal of the Challenge is to somehow please both Joe Jonas and a bunch of undiscerning children. And it has to fit into a brown paper bag. 

Let the cooking insanity commence! With only 45 minutes, everybody scrambles for ingredients. Particularly sugar. Which is difficult, because Butterscotch Dale has stolen it all. 

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