ACCUSED (BBC) “Kenny’s Story” Review

Accused Season 1 Episode 5 - Kenny’s Story

This week is KENNY’S STORY in Jimmy McGovern’s excellent series which looks at a crime from the perspective of the criminal awaiting sentencing.

Standing ACCUSED are three friends turned vigilantes who beat a man to death in the park believing he has attacked Kenny’s young daughter. Having murdered an innocent man they scramble to cover their tracks.

Kenny’s Story asks the question "what would you have done?" When his daughter is the victim of an attack he defends his family and his honour by hunting down the apparent attacker. The scene of the attack was brutal as Kenny brakes his arm with the first punch as his friend Gordon takes over in a frenzied attack stamping on the skull of the innocent jogger.

Struggling to cope with the guilt and pursued by the Police Kenny makes the tough decision to admit their crime – the other to deny it and Kenny goes down for life.

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