Big Brother 12 Season 12 Episode 20 "Nominations" Review

Well the question was just who is Britney going to be putting up on the chopping block tonight during this elimination episode. We also got a look into just what everyone thought of Matt's silver Power of Veto. And the Brigade to say the very least is really three strong with hopes to get rid of Matt.

Brendon even made a plea tonight saying to Brittney that he hopes she holds up her end of the deal and not put him up. But in the end, the two nominated were Enzo and Brendon. Enzo being an easy target since he has never even been on the block and would probably have the least chance for revenge next week if he was to stay.

Overall I rate this episode as fair. Not one of the best episodes of Big Brother 12 but average for any fan. If you are a fan of this show you have the strongest need not to miss one..but if you were to just google the results of the nominations, you wouldn't be missing too much. Wednesday is the POV competition and it will be interesting to see who wins. And I strongly think that Brittney wants someone to win so she could backdoor Matt.


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