True Blood Season 3 Episode 2 "Beautifully Broken" Review

We start off tonight to the ghastly sight of Bill spitting out a werewolf ear, the man moaning at his feet. Other Werewolves are lying motionless on the ground. There's one wolf still standing when enters the Russell Edgington, the King of Mississippi. He reprimands Cooter, the alpha werewolf, for treating his "guest" Bill so poorly. When Russell hears that the werewolves who abducted Bill drank his blood, Russell shoots Cooter's surviving one-eared pal, apparently as an object lesson. Russell and Bill arrive at Russell's mansion.

The second episode of this season was very captivating and many have discussed that Sookie can be one very frustrating character. Her ability to read minds seems to never come in handy when it should. And for anyone reading the novels or watching this series you want to scream "Why?". But you got to love her character at the same time.

Sookie and Jessica, who've discovered that Bill has been kidnapped by someone with connections to "Operation Werewolf," go to Fangtasia to share the news with Eric. Hoyt is waiting for Jessica at Bill's house with a six-pack of B positive. Awww. He tells her he forgives her for attacking his mother. But she doesn't forgive herself too easily. Eric turns up at Sookie's house and fills her in on "Operation Werewolf." Turns out he and Godric weren't really SS; they were hunting Nazi werewolves -- organized, well funded, highly trained and fueled by vampire blood. Eric senses something and tells her to invite him in. She does, just as another werewolf turns up. The Were and Eric are about to do battle, when Sookie pulls out the gun, aims and shoots.

These are just a few of the spoilers tonight there was also some very comedic lines tonight. You got to think that Sookie definately has purpose and when in the line of danger can act well. This season is starting off to a good start and I am thouroughly enjoying it.



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Jun 21, 2010 10:17PM EDT

I like it when Eric teased Sookie about getting invited in and doing primal sex both.


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Jun 22, 2010 10:11PM EDT

I will like it if Sookie's gun shot kills the wolf... well maybe just incapacitate it. I like Eric a lot more now and I like their Queen as well. Though she is a bit disconnected from Louisiana and the show. I wonder who the new vampire is and if he is going to turn Tara. She has the whole angst about life thing down pat. Of course she has reason too but... so does everyone else.

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