TOWER PREP “Dreams” Review

Tower Prep Season 1 Episode 9 - Dreams

Dreams are the dark paths Ian and his friends walk in this week’s episode of TOWER PREP. When it turns out that the gang all shared a dream of a yellow elevator deep in the depths of the school, they set out to discover what’s there. They locate the elevator in time to see the arrival of a new student, and quickly figure out that the yellow elevator is the portal that students enter the school through. The next morning, just by coincidence…

Oh, yeah, you knew that was coming. The student they see arriving just happens to become Ian and Gabe’s new roommate, Connor, and then the question becomes is he one of them or is he a Headmaster plant? The mystery deepens when they find a way into the yellow elevator and discover the room where they all seem to pass through on the way to the school, a place full of frightening medical instruments and a machine that, as Gabe unwittingly demonstrates, erases the memory.

"Dreams" has a refreshing amount of humor. Tower Prep has always had a wonderfully light feeling to it, despite the "heavy" nature of some of the subject matter, but in "Dreams" they seems to have really hit their stride with the balance between drama and humor, tossing in a light moment in what could be a fairly dark scene, when Ian and his friends discover the medical lab.

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