NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Disorder” Review

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 2 Episode 11 - Disorder

Oh how I love it when I get fooled into thinking a story is going one way, only to see it go another. Kensi starts to get close to a man suffering from PTSD who admits to killing two people, apparently in a haze of panic. Her admission that she once had a fiancé with PTSD was a nice glance into her past and, while I didn’t expect her to end up with the guy, I did expect that she might get her heart broken by him. What I didn’t expect was her getting her head bashed in by him instead.

In a way, this kind of reminded me of the episode earlier this year when Callen’s ex-partner and "wife" showed up. I enjoyed the way they turned that story on its head in the end and she turned out to be the bad guy. I guess that should have made me more suspicious of Talbot, but maybe it’s because of the holiday season and all the warm and fuzzy feelings that I have inside these days but I didn’t think to suspect him as the bad guy.

So once again, this show caught me off guard and, once again, I liked it. I also enjoyed all the team bonding and the second storyline involving Hetty and her re-gifting ways.

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