NCIS “False Witness” Review

NCIS Season 8 Episode 10 - False Witness

I’m pretty sure there was a case happening in this episode but frankly all I really cared about was what was going on with Tony. Now, I gotta say that I hate it when Tony is dumbed-down too much, and I usually enjoy it when he gets the chance to be a bit more competent, but even I knew that this was going too far. It was interesting to notice how quickly his teammates grew tired of him not acting like an idiot, even when they’re the ones who complain about his behavior all the time.

Finding out that Tony was upset because his ex-girlfriend had wrapped her car around a tree, was so touching. Like Ziva said, he’s maturing and I think he didn’t quite know what to do with the feelings that the news of his girlfriend’s situation brought out in him. So he completely shut down and though it took a while, everyone finally noticed. Ziva’s speech was great and I hope that he does continue to grow up, as she put it. A class clown who’s also a great investigator is not too much to ask for and I think he does it very well, when he’s not being the butt of every joke.

Overall a very sweet episode and I thought the whole theme of it went well with the holiday season.

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